Tomorrow's technology to meet today - DOGONG

DOGONG is a company created to support ideas that can change culture It is specialized in technology development based on autonomous navigation, robotics, IoT, VR, AR

It's reasonable.

We do not provide services and products at unreasonable prices. We deliver more than just the price at a reasonable price to convince consumers.


Professionals who love each field come together and work with one mind. We do not stop at existing knowledge, but quickly accept new trends.

Coming closer

We do not explain science hard. Research and research to make it easier for users to use nearby

We pursue authenticity.

The vision is passionate and the result is not exaggreated. Just as an artist creates a work. We are sincerly committed to research and development



Robot,Vehicle research with
remote control and autonomous navigation


Emotion expression and UI control
solution through VR device


Meet your ideas with products